Magnus Tingshagen was attracted to horses right from the very beginning; as a 4 year old his parents let him start at a riding school were he learned the basics. Growing up, he started compe- ting with ponies in dressage and show jumping, then later on in High Level Dressage on Swedish Warmbloods. ”There was no way back once I got connected with horses, the choice was so natural for me. My parents, although not interested in horses at all, was so supportive from the moment I made my decision”.
When in his early twenties, a good friend convinced Magnus to show some of her Arabian horses, and though at first quite sceptic to the Arabian horse show world, Magnus was soon hooked and embarked on a totally different journey, completely taken by the beauty and quality of the Arabian horse. He quickly gained attention from other breeders and got several high quality horses to show.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Magnus made some repeat travels to the US where he worked and gained knowledge, ”I was fascinated with the Arabian horse and I wanted to see and learn as much as I pos- sibly could” Magnus says. This fascination still holds him today, as an internationally acknowledged handler, having gathered numerous International and National titles for his clients. Some of these clients, like Tara Arabians and Gwiazda Arabians, have been with him from the start. Tara Arabi- ans bred the outstanding mare CHAQUIRA (Kubinec – Lekiliza/Lekier). This snow white mare, with MT on the lead, has been named Swedish National Champion Mare and Nordic Cup Cham- pion Mare. Gwiazda Arabians lately produced the great colt BERNHARD (Rohara Bacara – Tosca/TC Kashmir) who is now making a name for himself as he is winning National and International Cham- pion titles. Bernhard is a young sire who has already attracted a lot of interest from other breeders.

Today MT Training Center (MTT) is run by Magnus and his wife Janicke Hallkvist who both have solid backgrounds in the business. Janicke, ha- ving worked on some of the oldest and most established Arabian farms in Sweden, is like Magnus an accomplished rider. Janicke has conquered several performance titles during 2009 and 2010. In 2010 she won the Silver Medal for Western Pleasure in the ECA- HO European Championships with her 15 years old gelding NIEROB (Garanti–Nianka/Fi- garo), a horse that she bought and started working with as he was a two year old colt. Janicke is also a DPL horse-masseuse which is very helpful in MTT’s conditioning of show horses.

”We try to ride as many of the show horses as possible. It is a great way of getting horses in shape, both physically and mentally.” they both say. ”Young horses are getting long trail walks in the lush forests that surround MTT. Over the years we have developed a training program that allows the horses to have as much of a natural life as pos- sible. They are getting a lot of pasture time each day and it is important that they are not kept separated from other horses. Every horse gets an individual training program that is based much upon the owners’ requests and wishes. It is our goal to treat each horse that comes here as where he or she the next World Champion.” Both Magnus and Janicke emphasize the importance of good and fair leadership, horsemanship and a pleased and deligh- ted horse that develops continuously. The MT Training Center is situated in the very south of Sweden, by the breathtaking National Park of Fyledalen, giving the MTT horses and riders the opportunity for many hours of pleasant trail-rides. A lot of conditioning for every horse is done in this beautiful setting.